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Room 007

Room 007 is a Hostels & Boutique Hotels company.

Founded in 2013, it aspires to become the largest operator of these asset classes in Spain and Portugal, and one of the largest in Europe. Its strategy is based on refurbishing buildings in prime locations in historic centres and converting them into quality spaces, offering hotel qualities at competitive prices.

Room 007 is well positioned in a sector which is still developing in Spain at a professional level, and aims to exploit this market niche basing its concept on three main pillars: location, quality and sustainability.

The company plans to reach 1,200 rooms by 2023. It currently has 5 active establishments, and 5 establishments in development, which add up to a total of 700 rooms.
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Luda Partners

LUDA Partners is the digital network of pharmacies, facilitating communication amongst them to locate medicines that are out of stock. With a network of more than 2,000 pharmacies in 32 Spanish provinces and more than 340,000 product references, LUDA Partners puts its technology at the service of pharmacists, so that they can help patients who need to find medicines that are out of stock.

LUDA pharmacies' software enables their users consult which is the nearest pharmacy that has the medicine their patient needs, so that they can go and buy it. This saves patients from having to go to all the pharmacies they know to find that medicine. The pharmacy, in addition to helping their patient and satisfying that need, gets a return for this service. So far, more than 26,000 people have found their out-of-stock medicine thanks to LUDA.
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Oryx Power

Oryx Power develops, manages and invests in renewable energy assets in Europe, Latin America and Africa, from the origination to the operational phase. Their strategy allows them to minimize the risks associated with the land, the development and the commercialization of assets, maximizing the value and profitability for investors.

For the development of renewable projects and asset management, Oryx Power is leveraged in the implementation of innovative technologies, based on the use of natural resources. The team promotes the change in the energy consumption model, contributing to the energy independence of consumers and to the sustainable development of the planet through the production of renewable energy taking advantage of safe, clean and inexhaustible natural resources.

Oryx Power's growth is based on the search for innovative technology that allows the massive production of clean and sustainable energy, which represents one of the greatest challenges of our time.

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